Thursday, 28 August 2014

o j agutu

At Twenty

Having lived for ten long years,
Seen ten more Januaries to ten Decembers
All of absolutely equal lengths
I found myself obscured in forest depths
That to remember, it makes me afraid,
Of the darkness, of what’s next. But I’ll aid
Your mind to travel where i once trod,          
This path that death freely rode
Where the falcon can’t hear the falconer,
Where the puppet stares at the puppeteer
And blood flows like it is a mighty river
Roaring, showing that it’s not a life giver.
Back to the journey that i promised to tell
Hopefully to its end, to its tail
If the muses refresh my memory:
Suddenly saw a variegated animal staring at me
A she-wolf ‘twas, with so much hungering,
Ravenously devouring my whole being
With just a look, aye just a mere look
And it made my whole body shook.
Banishing me from the suns light
To run to a little cave with affright
It roared like a lion to me
As i ran deep into this cave, with uncertainty
As to whether after me it would come
Or its hungering would calm.
Deep into the recess of the cave
Saw i eyes thirsting for me to have:
Unaware of where to go i ran
Till saw i a light where the river turn,
To pour its waters down the earth,
So jumped i to escape this death,
Whose eyes had already torn me apart.

Monday, 25 August 2014


Wars create empires: wars destroy empires,
So this I give unto you my honourable sires
Show more love than you receive
And surely alone you will never grieve

My latter poet says, “Little learning
(Can of course be) a dangerous thing.”
So drink deep from the sacred spring.
Be partly mad. Follow the counsel o’ Bacon
Surely, you shall get the crown.
Condemn not books for study’s good.
                                                          ‘Tis true
That nature is art unknown mostly by you
Refrain your tongue from evil:
By always following your will.
Think, weigh before you utter
(So that most often you do not err)
Since words are the keys to hearts of men.
Seek peace and pursue it most often.
Most important, stay far away
From stupid n’ profound discussions.